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Academic Teachers' Survey

What is our goal?

The research aims to collect information on the implementation of distance teaching at the university in 2019/2020 and 2020/2021. The collected data allow, among other things, to diagnose problems and needs related to the reorganization of education in the period of limited functioning of the university and prepare an appropriate support system, including training for teachers

How do we do it?

The survey is carried out once in the academic year, at the turn of May and June, and is carried out via an electronic survey (LimeSurvey). The questions cover opinion on: the implementation and organization of classes in a remote form, evaluation of the tools used, support system, including the need for specific training. Teachers can also provide their comments and suggestions regarding the implementation of activities using distance learning methods and tools. All persons who have conducted classes in a given academic cycle may participate in the survey and this applies to both full-time employees and doctoral students as well as persons employed under civil law contracts.

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