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Evaluation of the University administrative staff's performance

What is our aim?

We realize that there are numerous factors which influence an education process within the University context. This is the reason why we go beyond the issues directly related to study programmes and teaching to find out students’ opinions on the performance of the administrative staff members. This makes it easier to create and promote good practices related to administrative aspects of studying.

How do we act?

Surveys on the performance of University administration are available to all eligible University students, including Ph.D. candidates and postgraduate students. Since 1 May 2015 relevant questionnaires have been available online throughout the year via the USOS system. This is why it is possible to express online an opinion directly after a single contact with the admin staff. The results of surveys are submitted to the relevant University units on a regular basis. 

What do the survey results mean?

The results are submitted both to the staff members whose performance has been evaluated and to their superiors. This feedback allows the implementation of procedures which enhance efficient management of the education process. Until the academic year 2013/2014, the Rector of the Jagiellonian University used to acknowledge best administrative employees’ performances with rewards.

List of University employees awarded the Rector's Prize for high quality performance in administration