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Surveys for prospective Jagiellonian University students

What is our aim?

We wish to facilitate communication between the University and its prospective students.

The survey reveals the profile of the candidature as well as it indicates where candidates seek information on studying at the University. This, in turn, allows the modification of study programmes according to candidates’ needs and expectations.

How do we act?

The survey is held during an admission process (starting in January). Each candidate is invited to take part in the survey.

The invitation to the survey is sent to the candidate after the ranking list is announced. The questionnaire consists of two parts: the first concerns the whole University (why did the candidate decide to apply to study at the Jagiellonian University), the second concerns the particular degree subjects. A candidate may receive a maximum of two questionnaires - one concerning the first and one concerning the second degree subject (if the candidate was recruited for more than one degree programme).

The survey is conducted on a voluntary basis with full respect for confidentiality and the data allow the collection of statistics which facilitate management of the University.

This survey is held in cooperation with the Department of Admission.