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Ocena Zajęć Dydaktycznych 2021/2022, semestr I

Ocena Zajęć Dydaktycznych 2021/2022, semestr I

Evaluation of the Jagiellonian University Courses

Dear Students, 

Dear Doctoral Students,  

Please complete a short and anonymous questionnaire about the courses you have attended this semester. It is available on the USOSweb at: and in the Mobile USOS UJ application (downloadable via Google Play or App Store) and can be completed by February 28th 2022.  

We take your opinion into account, so it is worth expressing your thoughts about the quality of education at our University.  

The results of the survey and your comments will be available not only to the teachers but also to the authorities of the Units and the University. Thanks to your opinion, academic teachers will be able to improve their classes and the University Authorities will reward the people you rate most highly.  

The questionnaires you fill out are an essential source of knowledge; therefore, express your opinion politely and address only substantive aspects in a way that the content of your comments does not violate the dignity of any person.  

We also encourage you to get acquainted with the results of the previous year Evaluation of the Jagiellonian University Courses. The report is available at   


You care and we care!